Monday, April 20, 2009

I Always Have a Plan...

This is Ben Linus. I wasn't sure what three-dimensional elements to use (he doesn't play guitar or fish) but he has had some major surgeries... so I went with IV tubing. I am happy with the final look, plus it kind of gives him a Frankenstein look.
When I started these Lost studies, they were merely an avenue for trying new techniques. (What I like, I will ultimately incorporate into my final paintings.) But I've enjoyed the last three works so much, I've decided to make it into a legitimate "study" with a final work to show off all I've learned. I'm really excited about the final painting... which will have a movie poster look... stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A New Series, aka. Trying Something New

Jin. Not much to say... I decided to do a small series on my favorite Lost characters. The hope for this series is to try some new techniques and stretch myself a bit, and then start to incorporate them into my illustrations. In this piece, I used my "Dharma" stamp I created for the Charlie painting, thick gesso on the background, an oil wash, and plastic netting which I glued and then sewed onto the painting. (Jin was a fisherman on the island and so I thought it was appropriate.)