Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Back

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I have been (and still am) finishing my thesis for grad school. I graduate this summer from The Hartford Art School at The University of Hartford with my M.F.A. in Illustration. It has been an incredible program, and if you are reading this blog - you should check it out.

It has been a funny year so far. I find myself working like crazy - but still feel lazy. I work full time at Englewood Baptist Church, then come home and am "dad" 'till about 8:30 pm. Once the kids are in bed I start painting - either on my thesis work or a freelance job. But I am neglecting some areas in my life that cause me to feel lazy and ill prepared. Things like daily devotional time with the Lord, keeping a sketch book, exercising, keeping up with my blog, etc...

This post is part of my attempt to re-discipline myself to continue doing some of those really important "little" things in my life that make the "big" things credible... and in honor of my coming graduation, here is a 30 minute sketch I did of the head of the M.F.A. in Illustration program, Murray Tinkelman.

See you next week.

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