Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

B.F. Gribble, Clipper in Stormy Sea, nd, oil

Last summer at Hartford, Chris Payne gave a great lecture about "standing on the shoulders of giants," meaning - we, as contemporary artists and illustrators should not be embarrassed to learn from great artists of the past and present; to see the lessons they learned and allow their work to influence us and catapult us to new heights. During my research for my San Fran painting, I discovered an artist I was not familiar with - B.F. Gribble (1873-1962.) He was a British marine artist and I have just fallen in love with his ocean work. Here is an oil painting he did entitled, "Clipper in Stormy Seas." I think it's a great jewel of a painting, and I am hanging it next to my art desk as I work on my illustration. I plan to utilize his color palette as I begin the next stage of my painting.

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  1. Crossman had a large oil ocean painting at the school for awhile in the painting room. I still think about it whenever I have to do waves. The way the light passes through the tops of the waves, the white lines that crisscross simulating bubbles or foam. A painting like that is on my "bucket list"