Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Hour Late!

Copyright 2011

"Need more coal there, Fireman Sim!
Open that door and heave it in.
I'll run her 'till she leaves the rail.
We're one hour late with the southern mail."

Another one of my favorite pieces. Special thanks to The Casey Jones Museum in Jackson, TN for allowing me unhindered access to their replica of Jones' engine 382. I was able to get in there and take all sorts of photos from unique angles. I also shot my models with lights to get the intense light from the engine and the cool light from the moonlight. (And that's me shoveling coal into the boiler.)


  1. wonderful work! Digging those photoshoot pics. Reminds me of a Ted Lewin session!

  2. Wonderful Work, I love the lighting. It's awesome that you show your reference shots too.