Monday, December 19, 2011

The Beavers

Here is a page for Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. One of my favorite characters from "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe." It's really just a sketched portrait of the two of them by Mr. Tumnus. For fun, I included actual pieces of birch bark into the trees. The little note under the portrait reads, "The Beavers love Birch. (Not the living Birch however - only the Birch that can never be awakened - The Beavers would never cut down a Birch madien!)

Below the Beaver portrait, Mr. Tumnus included in his journal a personal invitation from The Beavers to tea. The note beside the envelope reads, "A little note inviting me to tea; The Beavers were well known for their tea and I accepted any and all invitation!)
The envelope is hand-made with leather buttons. When opened, you see that it is lined with a Narnian tartan. (Not woven by me... just a cool looking fabric I had.)
The note comes out of the envelope and is written on a piece of Birch bark.

The note reads (in yet another handwriting style), 
Our Dearest Friend of the Forest, 
Please accept this humble invitation to our home for tea. It feels like ages since we've seen you - as you have been so often a guest or our fair Kings and Queens - may the Lion keep them - at Cair Paravel. We will be expecting you on Thursday for the mid-morning meal. 
Our humblest hopes, 
The Beavers

Our Pardons - You are more than welcome to bring your little flute - and any new tunes if you are so inclined! Our ears are itching for the sweet songs of a faun! And a day doesn't go by that I don't hear Mr. Beaver humming or singing your song of the coming of Spring! 
May the Lion keep you 'til you come!

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