Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Lamp Post

One of my favorite literary scenes - the mysterious lamp post in the middle of a snowy woods. I've drawn/painted it a hundred times. It's the perfect contrast of light/dark, nature/man-made, warm/cool... with variety and repetition. All things I teach in my Design class that are staples for good design. (The imagery is also used as the name of a DHARMA station on one of my favorite television shows, LOST, where it serves a similar function.)
This page was fun. The large image was an etching from my Printmaking class at Indiana Wesleyan University. I loved that class and if I had a printing press - I would incorporate etchings into my illustration work. I also sewed Tumnus' original sketch onto the top corner. (A sketch I made from a photo of a lamp post I took outside of Buckingham Palace in London, England.)
The text reads: The Lamp Post. Truly a mysterious place. Legend has it that the lamp grew from the fresh earth at the beginning of time. Some say it has origins of another land - of the Land of Adam & Eve. Either way, or even if both are true - the lamp is a beauteous sight and I have always enjoyed spending time there. The light burns always, as if by some magic - and magic it must be - for this is the very spot where first I found Lucy, way back during the reign of the White Witch. How Lucy came to this place, I'll never know - though she has explained it to me a thousand times (something about a city of War Drobe within the land of Spare Oom - but you never can tell with daughters of Eve.) Anyway - it all must be within the power and plans of Aslan - for shortly after her arrival, all of Narnia changed and the ancient prophecy came true! Long Live Aslan!

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