Monday, December 5, 2011

Opening Pages

The idea behind this journal was to make it seem as if it was actually created in the Land of Narnia - and somehow made it's way to Earth. Each page is not only adorned with text and/or illustrations, but is also weathered and worn to appear as if it is an ancient text that was created in the forests by woodland creatures. (The page to the left was stained with coffee.) All text is handwritten by myself with a traditional pen dipped in ink.
The first page sets the stage for the remainder of the journal. It is an official, royal request by Queen Lucy the Valiant to her dear friend, Mr. Tumnus. 

I, Queen Lucy the Valiant, with the special consent of King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, and King Edmund the Just, do hearby appoint Tumnus the Faun, to recreate in journal form our beloved land of Narnia and the miraculous wonders that have occurred here within - least we forget.

The second page is penned in Tumnus' own hand, and gives further explanation into the book. I won't rewrite the entire thing here, but I will give some highlights. 

This journal, though loose in form and design, will attempt to capture the land of Narnia as seen by and through me. It is a record of what I have seen, who I have been, and the amazing things I have been apart of in my simple life - where the unexpected it true - may all that you see and understand bring glory to the great Lion himself.

I pray this journal may defy the sands of time, so that many generations of Narnians - and men for that matter - will know of our amazing land, and the sacrifices that were made to keep it so. May the magic of the Birch Maidens - of whose leaves and wood I have used generously - weave their eternal beauty within the pages of my journal, and the strength of The Lion hover over it's covers.

Notice the leaf print on the top right corner of the page. During the process of weathering the pages, I tied a stack of paper together and buried it outside in the leaves for a number of weeks. When I dug them back out, the leaves started decaying on the paper and left those great prints. What a happy accident.


  1. brilliant work! I would be tense about trying to write in two different hand-writing styles. i barely write in one style well... These definitely have individual feel. Well done. The leaf print is great. I know of a furniture maker that buried a chair in a pile of horse manure for a few month to age the piece (repair of a 16th C chair). Nature has a way of adjusting our work is wonderful ways.

  2. I'm not sure I could ever sit in that chair. :)