Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rough Sketches

Here is the illustration I'm currently working on. In this scene, I wanted to show the Big Blue Frog on a date with his girlfriend. They are so in love that they don't even notice (or don't seem to notice) that everyone in the soda shop is looking on in disapproval of their relationship.

The idea was accepted, but the publisher wanted me to zoom out and show more of the soda shop and more disapproving customers. I think the second drawing is so much better - and it's always fun to get to draw more animals. It's been great working with a publisher and art director - each time they push me, the work just gets better.

So far, everything is pretty much from my head. They next step is to photograph models and research the animals and scenery. 

For my MFA friends and family who are familiar with "Duck-Duck," you'll notice him coming into the soda shop. In fact, he'll be on each page of the book which is really exciting and a great way to get my kids excited about this project. For those of you who don't know our famously-infamous family duck - that is for another blog post. 

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