Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autographs: Dan Swartz

I live in Jackson, TN - and while it is a fairly modern city - it has the worst selection of art/cultural magazines. In fact, there is only one book store that carries such magazines - and I always leave disappointed. (Is it so difficult to carry Communication Arts Illustration Annual?) So when my buddy, Dan Swartz, told me he had the cover for Bookmarks Magazine, I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to see it. It was a lucky day when I walked into our book store and found one copy hidden in the back of the Arts/Cultural section - like striking gold. I bought Dan's issue, and got his signature the next time I saw him. 

Dan Swartz is a good friend of mine and fellow Hartford MFA'er.  He is a hard worker, go-getter, and all around great guy. Please check out his web site at

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autographs: C.F. Payne

This is not only a treasured autograph, but a great story as well. Chris Payne taught a class during the second year of my MFA program at The University of Hartford. That particular week, he was working on a Time cover for that same weekend. It was great to not only see him work - but to create a piece for an actual job that was going to be seen nationally. While we were in lectures, Chris was out shooting reference shots. While we were in class - he was drawing and painting - and teaching us through the process.

On the way to class that Friday, my buddies and I stopped at every book store, grocery store and drug store - looking for the latest edition of Time with Chris' cover illustration. We found three copies - and were able to get him to sign them before he left. We literally got to see the entire process from phone call to print. Unbelievable.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autographs: Peter deSeve

I've started entering the New Yorker's, Blown Covers contest on line - which made me remember my autographed copy of one of Peter deSeve's covers. So I thought it would be fun to show off that cover, as well as some of the other autographs I've collected over the years. 

I'll start with The New Yorker. I've always loved the work of Peter deSeve - so comical and thought provoking... and just good art. Mr. deSeve spoke to our MFA group in New York City at The Society of Illustrators... it was a dream come true and one of the highlights of the trip for me. I can still visualize the entire experience. 

Funny story - I had previously purchased the magazine specifically for our NYC trip. I brought it to New York, kept it safe... and then forgot to bring it to The Society of Illustrators the day Peter deSeve was going to speak! I remembered at our lunch break and decided to rush back to our apartment to get it. It was day two in New York, and I had not quite figured out the subway system... meaning I took the wrong train to the wrong stop... had to retrace my steps to figure out where I was... and ended up being late to hear Mr. deSeve speak. It was a wild ride - but I got the autograph.  Enjoy.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Some Storytelling

I tried to incorporate some storytelling into my pastel pieces from a photo I took in New York a couple of years ago. It's titled, "I spy something... Yellow." As soon as I get some time, I plan to take this to a full illustration. (I think it's hilarious!) 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

... a Couple More

A couple more pastel sketches. Same place - within 30min's of each other. The first image was done on white paper - the second on a painted surface. I prefer working on the painted surface.