Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autographs: C.F. Payne

This is not only a treasured autograph, but a great story as well. Chris Payne taught a class during the second year of my MFA program at The University of Hartford. That particular week, he was working on a Time cover for that same weekend. It was great to not only see him work - but to create a piece for an actual job that was going to be seen nationally. While we were in lectures, Chris was out shooting reference shots. While we were in class - he was drawing and painting - and teaching us through the process.

On the way to class that Friday, my buddies and I stopped at every book store, grocery store and drug store - looking for the latest edition of Time with Chris' cover illustration. We found three copies - and were able to get him to sign them before he left. We literally got to see the entire process from phone call to print. Unbelievable.

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