Monday, November 19, 2012

Leaves and Trees

I've started to layout some detail outside of the window with oils. It's still very loose, but this gives me a broad base to work with later. I love birch trees, and I know they are plentiful up north, so I am preparing the ground work for their beautiful yellow leaves.

When the oils were dry, I went back in with Prismacolor pencils and started to "chisel out" the detail in the leaves. You can see where I "cut out" the areas where the sky is shining through. I also started to give some distinction between the changing colors (green to yellow) as well as the cool shadows and warm highlights. 

I have really come to love working with pencils in between layers of oil. They are so much fun and act very similar to oils as far as blending goes - yet they retain their own textural quality.

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