Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo Reference

I had the fortunate experience to travel to Quebec City, QC with my French class when I was a Sophomore in high school. It was an incredible place to visit. So full of culture and history - a little bit of Europe in North America.

I took so many great photographs while I was there and always knew I would use them as part of a painting someday - especially this image of the Chateau Frontenac (where we actually got to stay for a night!)

Next, I had to decide what kind of world to place my mouse in. Would he be a regular size mouse in a regular human world? A human size mouse in a human world? Would he interact/talk with humans? Would he live like a real mouse? Would he live like a mouse but dress like a human? Etc, etc, etc... Then I had to find the appropriate setting for him so that the Chateau Frontenac would be visible and help to set the scene. I found a great, weathered window at one of my favorite Jackson, TN spots - The Old Country StoreThe shadows were amazing that day. (Look at the blue tones in the shadow on the windowsill!)

And then photograph some period items to include in the scene. Overall, some great photo reference. Now to put them all together.


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